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New Solar Protection Collection 2023-2027

A collection made of highly performing fabrics and membranes developed to meet the multiple needs of an ever-evolving industry.

The entire range is based on the concept of light, ranging from 0 to 100. It represents the fabrics' ability to manage light at every intensity, offering solutions that range from blackout fabrics to transparent membranes. The range combines three brands: Irisun, dedicated to mass-dyed acrylic outdoor and recycled fabrics; Texout, which includes various ranges of technical fabrics (Blockout, Cover, Screen, Vision); and Syncromia, the new collection that encompasses all solutions for technical and decorative indoor curtains.

The Irisun offering consists of 15 collections with a total of 365 references, 40 more than before. Among the main innovations, we find the recycled Raytent Shade fabrics, which give life to the category of sustainable acrylics, along with Irisun Green, the new fabric that purifies the air and helps reduce pollution. Integra Collection is the new line of soft fabrics for pergola sides, while the 5 new collections Rùsine, San-Barnaba, Hopper, Antares, and Ka-trame were created for design solutions. To complete the offering, new colors have been added to the traditional Solids and Textures collections, providing an even wider choice. In the development of the project, particular attention has been paid to the aesthetics of the sample books, with a completely revamped graphic design, enhanced by cover photos taken by master photographer Francesco Mingaroni.

The Texout collection, with Serge Ferrari fabrics as its main component, expands the range of blackout fabrics with 6 new colors in Opatex Pro, offering a total of 14 colors evenly divided between monochrome and bi-color fabrics, i.e., fabrics with different colors on each side. A significant novelty is represented by Opatex Decò, the decorative blackout fabric with embossing inspired by stucco. Among the waterproof shade fabrics, the 302 range is enriched with 3 new opaque colors, while the filtering fabrics include the new color range of Soltis 88 and the recently updated ones of Soltis Veozip, Soltis 86, and Soltis 92. Finally, among the transparent films, the new Cristal Zero stands out with a patent-pending technology that eliminates the typical stretching and shrinking effects of these films, bringing it closer to a glass-like effect. The sample books presenting these products are designed to immediately capture the technical characteristics necessary to meet the needs of designers and end customers.

High performance is the guiding principle behind the Irisun and Texout lines, resulting from careful research and development activities that make the fabrics even more innovative and responsive to market demands. In addition to sustainability performance, there are high requirements for fire resistance, protection against UV rays (UPF), and heat (Gtot), the latter being crucial for accessing tax deductions.
The entire Irisun and Texout collection is organized according to a visual method that highlights the functions, performance, applications, and characteristics of the various fabrics.

Regarding the interior, Syncromia is the design collection presented as a preview at Made 2021. It consists of blackout, metallic, decorative, acoustic, and filtering fabrics with various openness factors, offering the most suitable solutions for indoor technical curtains to meet customer needs. Presented in textile rolls, the collection harmoniously fits into any type of environment.
The Giovanardi 2023-2027 collection provides a wide and comprehensive offering designed to cover every need in the solar protection market, with particular attention to sustainability and technological innovation.

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