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Green Economy
Protezione solare
Enjoying the sun is beautiful, protected is splendid.

Seaside resorts. Dream hotels and venues. Or, more simply, our home garden. Wherever sun protection and design are needed, we find a textile material designed to withstand UV rays, rain, and pollution in action.

For color designers


IRISUN is an exclusive brand of fabrics and patterns for sun protection and indoor and outdoor furnishings.


TEXOUT is the exclusive collection of high-performance technical fabrics for sun protection.

Designed for your application


PROOF88 PERGOLA 2 Soltis Proof W88
Soltis Proof W88 is the new lightweight, highly translucent waterproof membrane designed for pergolas and fixed covers.
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Banner nuova collezione
A collection of high-performance fabrics and membranes developed to meet the multiple needs of an ever-changing industry
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Tenda stampa 3
La stampa digitale incontra il mondo della protezione solare per la decorazione d'interni
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Green Economy

Recycled acrylic yarn.
The sustainable choice.

Raytent is a green economy brand based on the recycling of acrylic fabric from the awning industry, designed to create high-quality yarns for the world of interior design, sun protection, fashion, and industry.

What is Raytent?
Raytent is an acrylic yarn composed of 50% recycled fiber, produced using a process that consumes less water and chemicals, emits less CO2, and extends the use of natural resources.

Solar protection is an industry where the Giovanardi group has been at the forefront for many years. We are a key player, and our fabrics protect millions of Italians every year. We offer safe and reliable materials known for their quality and durability.

Our catalogs feature a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns. Thanks to the high standards of each product and the professionalism with which we engage in the market, our fabrics are consistently the first choice of many leading brands.






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