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OPATEX COOL: the new thermo-reflective fabric for sun protection

Global warming has a huge impact on the environment: the only way, 100% sustainable, to protect ourselves is passive cooling.
Therefore, Giovanardi has developed a new energy-saving thermo-reflective fabric.

This is Opatex Cool, made with a special coating on its surface that allows greater reflection of the sun's radiant heat. In this way, a dark-colored fabric (even black) can achieve the same performance as a white one.

So we can get greater reflection and less heat absorbed and transmitted to the environment.

With Buildwise Institute - Scientific and Technical Construction Centre in Belgium, we tested the performance of a thermo-reflective roofing when applied as a pergola roof, to check the gain in living comfort in the space below in terms of °C. Two flat roofs, one in Opatex Standard, and one in Opatex Cool, were compared.

These the results:

-Pergola 400x300x270cm, leaning against wall and on the 3 sides only 6mm glazing, orientation to SOUTH

- Radiation simulation: Crotone (Calabria) / June

Measured temperature difference between the 2 roofs : -2°C


WEIGHT: 850g/m2

BREAKING STRENGTH: 2500 - 2300 N/5cm

TEAR STRENGTH: 270 - 270 N

FINISH: HSR (High Solar Reflectance) / EMBOSSED "LINEN"

ADHESION: 100 N/5cm (ISO 2411)


FIRE RESISTANCE: Classe 2 (UNI 9177), B s2 d0 (EN13501-1), M2 (NF P92-507), B1 (DIN 4102-1)


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