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Acoustic comfort
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A well-being that you can't see but can feel.

Acoustic comfort is essential for well-being in any space, whether public or private. It allows for communication without raising one's voice and reduces distractions. This kind of well-being significantly improves our lives, with fabrics playing a key role.

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Acoustic comfort

Acoustic comfort is a requirement that designers and clients are increasingly sensitive to. For this reason, the Giovanardi Group has created a dedicated division and a range of products: cutting-edge and highly competitive solutions.

We are the national exclusive distributors of Batyline AW, a textile material that is a benchmark in the industry for its high performance, and our consultants are able to study and provide you with complete solutions for paneling and supports to achieve the result you are looking for.


Tensilence sound-absorbing products were used at the Catello pizzeria to improve the acoustic comfort.
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Mediterraneo roof colazione 1 ph nicola castaldo
In the heart of the city of Naples, at the prestigious Renaissance Naples Hotel Mediterraneo, a splendid Marriott property renowned for hosting prestigious events, you can enjoy a rich buffet breakfast on the rooftop garden and the 11th-floor Angiò terrace. The beautiful wake-up experience is enhanced by the acoustic comfort of the room, allowing you to fully enjoy the breathtaking view of the Gulf of Naples.
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I1 A5497 1
An example of intervention for acoustic sound absorption with Tensilence panels at the CLU restaurant in the Castello di Clanezzo (BG).
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L'Albergo - The project by Tensilence at the Renaissance Naples Hotel Mediterraneo (Naples)
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Divisione Contract ita
The acoustic correction project by Tensilence for the Roof Garden Angiò in Naples is on Contract Division No. 40.
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Prove Banner newsletter 1
Tensilence presents its new ranges of sound-absorbing panels, designed to improve indoor comfort.
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With the specific request to contain costs, a simple and effective installation was developed, without neglecting the design.
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Ristorante Antefora
The Soundflex panel, combined with Soltis Touch curtains, allows for a reduction in reverberation time while providing complete installation flexibility. The perfect solution for those seeking a practical, cost-effective option without compromising on design.
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Giovanardi Logo
Intervento di miglioramento acustico al Palazzo Fondaco dei Tedeschi nel cuore di Venezia
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Velvety Sound
Il velluto rivoluziona il mondo dell'acustica: fonoassorbimento e decorazione in un unico prodotto!
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Pannelli a soffitto fonoassorbenti per il comfort acustico in sala
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La giornalista Michela Achilli scrive di Tensilence: se fino a pochi anni fa era un aspetto tecnico un po’ trascurato, oggi il comfort acustico è un parametro molto importante
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