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Acoustic comfort and a view of Mount Vesuvius at the Renaissance Naples Hotel Mediterraneo

In the heart of Naples, at the prestigious Renaissance Naples Hotel Mediterraneo, a wonderful Marriott property well-known for hosting prestigious events, you can enjoy a rich buffet breakfast on the rooftop garden and the 11th-floor Angiò terrace. Your wake-up experience is made even better by the acoustic comfort of the room, allowing you to fully enjoy the breathtaking view of the Gulf of Naples.

Tensilence Redefines Acoustic Comfort at the Roof Garden Angiò

A necessary introduction: in acoustics, Reverberation is the phenomenon of sound waves reflecting off surfaces in a space, and Reverberation Time (RT) is the duration of sound within a space. When the reverberation time is too long, sound waves overlap and mix, making the environment uncomfortable. One obvious consequence is the inability to understand the words of someone nearby with whom you are conversing. This resonance is then accentuated by the need to raise one's voice to be heard. Of course, in a crowded room, this tendency has negative effects on people's well-being in the environment. So, the Roof Garden Angiò had the need to improve the acoustic comfort of an environment that is usually chaotic, such as the breakfast room, in order to offer guests a pleasant and relaxing space in harmony with the splendid view of the Gulf of Naples. The acoustic correction intervention by Tensilence involves the installation of a tensioned ceiling with Alphalia Silent AW acoustic fabric from Serge Ferrari. The innovative composite membrane is lightweight and durable, easy to maintain and clean, ensuring a beautiful and long-lasting installation. The fabric is weldable and perfectly suitable for tensioning even in large formats, as in the case of the Roof Garden Angiò.


Credits | Photo Nicola Castaldo | Project EOSS ARCHITETTURA | Supply and installation ZERODESIGN CONCEPT SRL.

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