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Acoustic comfort embraces design at the CLU restaurant

The idea originated from the desire of three young entrepreneurs, coming from diverse backgrounds, to breathe new life into the historic village with a casual and intimate approach. It had previously been used mainly for events and weddings, and they decided to open a new restaurant that was away from busy streets and had some green space for peace and relaxation. The splendid Castello di Clanezzo is set in a fairytale-like landscape, just a few minutes' walk from Via Regina Teolinda, near the narrow medieval bridge of Attone.

The building, constructed between the 9th and 11th centuries, has gone through numerous transformations over the years, evolving from a defensive fortress to an elegant palatial structure with a double loggia. Inside, its numerous rooms adorned with frescoes and expansive outdoor spaces have given the location a fresh new image.

A necessary premise is that in acoustics, "reverberation" is the phenomenon of sound waves reflecting off surfaces within a space, and the "Reverberation Time (Tr)" is the duration of sound in a given environment. When the reverberation time is too long, sound waves within the space overlap and mix, making the environment uncomfortable. An obvious consequence is the difficulty in understanding the speech of someone nearby, leading to the need to raise one's voice. In a crowded room, this trend can have a detrimental impact on people's well-being.

At the CLU restaurant, the owners recognized this issue, which hindered their customers from fully enjoying the food and well-being experience they were offering. They turned to Tensilence, by Giovanardi, to address this problem.

They chose the Tensilence product that best suited the design of the room in question, and their choice fell on Soundflat, a high-performance thermoformed panel with an elegant and essential design.

The restaurant's rooms are decorated with paintings on the walls and ceilings, so it was essential to work with materials that would integrate seamlessly into the design and allow patrons to appreciate the existing decor. Soundflat accomplishes this and more, enhancing the room's aesthetics and providing excellent sound absorption performance with high aesthetic value.

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