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Refelter: the new recycling project by Giovanardi

Refelter represents an innovative project to recycle printed polyester display textiles at the end of their life cycle, predominantly in the retail sector.

Through a controlled supply chain of recovery and mechanical processing, involving various partners, Refelter recycles a textile waste with a high environmental impact, such as that resulting from advertising campaigns that undergo frequent changes in communication.

The result is a flame-retardant recycled polyester felt that is highly versatile, enabling the creation of environmentally sustainable products, including thermoformed ones, suitable for various application areas.

In furniture, Refelter can be used for decorative and sound-absorbing panels, upholstery for seating and furniture accessories.

In industry, the material can serve as insulation and filler, while in theautomotive sector it can be used as a filler material.

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