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SEEMEE LOOP SERGE FERRARI: the only banners made from 100% recycled materials

Giovanardi is pleased to present 3 new printing banners made from 100% recycled materials. They are made with 100% recycled polyester threads from bottles (Global Recycled Standard 4.0). The coating is also entirely recycled with polymers from a single type of industrial waste.

It is the first and only product on the market based on the use of recycled materials from the circular economy. It is the ideal solution for companies that aspire to be more sustainable.

  • Seemee Loop Frontlit 330 FR, Frontlit 330 gr, ideal for superwide indoor applications.
    The high resolution front also makes the product suitable for display applications. Can also be used outdoors for promotional applications.
  • Seemee Loop Frontlit Light 340 FR, high tenacity Frontlit 340 gr, reinforced raschel weave.
    Designed for superwide outdoor applications thanks to the reinforced raschel weave; also perfect indoors thanks to FR certification. The embossed face allows for increased anchorage and durability of inks, especially UV.

  • Seemee Loop Mesh 230 FR, mesh 230 gr.
    Alternative to traditional outdoor mesh for short-term applications. It can also be chosen for medium-term indoor applications such as walls, ceilings or curtains. Perforated area 15%.

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